Andrássy 11

Andrássy 11Office building Andrássy 11 is located in the heart of Budapest, at the corner of Andrássy Avenue (part of the World Heritage) and Káldy Gyula Street, at No. 11. It was built in 1883 based on the plans by Vilmos Freund, architect. Restoration and loft conversion of the beautiful listed building were completed in 2001, resulting in a modern office area of 2,160 m2 on a ground floor + 4 storeys. Besides the office areas there are impressive business premises on the ground floor with a stuccoed ceiling, opening onto Andrássy Avenue.

Inside the building, built in eclectic style and currently functioning as an office building, there is an exclusive cortile offering a place for recreation to the tenants in the daytime. The balustered stone balconies and the giant order articulating the upper two storeys make the building (formerly functioning as an apartment house) a stately edifice.




Andrássy 11 office building is located in District VI of Budapest at No. 11 Andrássy Avenue. Total area to let in Andrássy 11 office building: 2,160 m2. Scroll at ease among the pictures of Andrássy 11 office building!