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Andrássy 11

Andrássy 11

Office building Andrássy 11 is located in the heart of Budapest, at the corner of Andrássy Avenue (part of the World Heritage) and Káldy Gyula Street, at No. 11. It was built in 1883 based on the plans by Vilmos Freund, architect. Restoration and loft conversion of the beautiful listed building were completed in 2001, resulting in a modern office area of 2,160 m2 on a ground floor + 4 storeys. Besides the office areas there are impressive business premises on the ground floor with a stuccoed ceiling, opening onto Andrássy Avenue.



The facade of the three-storey corner building on Andrássy Avenue has 5 axes; the gate opens in the front left axis on the ground floor. The wall surface is rusticated plasterwork up to the string-course closing the first storey. The upper two storeys are articulated by a giant order, the surface is plastered with flat rustication. A parapet wall runs above the crown cornice. On the first storey, in the two extreme axes there are balustered stone balconies supported by consoles. The entrance is articulated by cross-vaulted pilasters. Inside the building, built in eclectic style and currently functioning as an office building, there is an exclusive cortile offering a place for recreation to the tenants in the daytime.



The building at No. 11 Andrássy Avenue was built for Dr. Sándor Ullmann. The Ullmanns were an influential banker and trader dynasty, Károly Ullmann, the founder, was the vice president of the Pesti Magyar Kereskedelmi Bank (Pest Hungarian Commercial Bank). Sándor Ullmann (1850-1897) undertook a political function too besides business life: he worked as a member of parliament for 6 years as of 1884. The historic building was formerly home to the Miramare café.


The history of Andrássy Avenue

The idea of the creation of Andrássy Avenue was brought up in the reform era already, when Lajos Kossuth proposed the construction of a new avenue lined by trees. The ground for the project was that Király utca, the main artery of Terézváros at that time, proved to be a bottleneck.

The first plan for the construction of the new avenue was assented to by the House of Representatives in 1870 upon the proposal by Prime Minister Count Gyula Andrássy senior. Design of the buildings lining the new avenue was assigned among others to Miklós Ybl and István Linczbauer. The new avenue was opened in 1876, and the buildings of uniform Eclectic/Neo-Renaissance style were finished in 1885. The avenue was first named after Count Gyula Andrássy at this time.

The first plot owners came from the upper middle class and the aristocracy, and the intention behind the new properties built here was often investment or representation.


Andrássy Avenue can be divided into three sections:

  1. Deák Ferenc Square – Oktogon: 3 to 4 storey buildings, apartment houses
  2. Oktogon – Kodály körönd: 2 to 3 storey buildings, bridle-road
  3. Kodály körönd – Heroes’ Square: Standalone palaces, villas


Andrássy 11 - belül

In the heart of the City Centre

Office building Andrássy 11, standing on the section of the historic avenue between Deák Square and the Opera House, is only a few minutes walk from Erzsébet Square and Deák Square, a prominent transport hub of Budapest. Andrássy Avenue and the nearby Fashion Street have become the most preferred locations for the shops of luxury brands of the world in Budapest in the past years. Váci Street, with its elegant restaurants, offers many other facilities for high-standard amusement in the vicinity. Further, the road-section between Vígszínház and Kálvin Square, named the New Main Street of the City Centre and having radically decreased car traffic, was inaugurated this spring too within the Heart of Budapest Programme.


Nagymező Street, also called the Broadway of Pest and known for its teeming cultural life, where several theatres and galleries (inter alia: the Budapest Operetta and Musical Theatre, the Radnóti Theatre, the Thália Theatre, the Moulin Rouge, the Mai Manó House, and the Ernst Museum) are located besides the popular cafés, is only a few blocks away from the office building.